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About Us

Fashion is a daily part of our life and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes. Fashion is instant language.

Setting Industry Standards

We aim to be top fashion retailers, both online and on the high street, known for some of the coolest fashion brands. With a huge collection of exclusive designs each season and prices to suit every pocket. Our online store aims to bring the best brands to shoppers everywhere and with impeccable customer service. We know you’ll have an enjoyable and secure shopping experience every time.

Our team is involved in social economic development of garment makers and the communities around them by working on initiatives such as women empowerment and sponsoring education of garment maker’s children. We believe that fashionable clothing should be more than an item on a hanger, its connecting with the stories of who made your clothes and where they come from.
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Our Story

Mint Ceylon was founded in a living room by three sisters, Zainab managing a jewellery line & a designer store, Summaiya a makeup artist, hair stylist, graphic designer & content creator and finally the youngest of the sisters, Tasneem a fashion designer, wardrobe stylist & home grown artist.

Having been brought up in an environment that encouraged artistic thinking, by their parents, both entrepreneurs, they knew they could put their individual talents and love for art to good use. During a time the world was plunged into confusion and chaos they created a brand that embodied their love for clothing, fashion and sustainability while staying true to their Sri-Lankan roots.
All three frequently journeyed on thrifting expeditions and re-purposed their finds into outfits that championed the articles of clothing they found. This made them think of the amount of wastage that happens on a much larger scale at factories and other production facilities. They wanted to give unwanted materials that were discarded from garment factories a new purpose. Surely there had to be a solution to this enormous level of wastage that we see. Why wasn’t it the norm to repurpose all that waste?

Over many cups of tea & brainstorming they discovered how much their different talents, inspirations & long for change was reflected in each other. It was their love of repurposing that inspired the birth of their brand. Together with their spirit of adventure, curiosity & exploration they took their first steps into creating a brand that would bring about change.

At Mint Ceylon we do not create clothing based on trends we create them based on feeling, creating timeless, beautifully made pieces to transcend seasonality and permeate style cued by wonder, mindfulness, travel and a sense of belonging.

Great for the beach, the bar or a festival. The vibrant, joyful, expressive part of us that emerges on holiday, when we give ourselves space to relax and simply be. A place to find ourselves outside of societal norms.

Creating pieces of wearable art that transcend space and human perception. Pieces that make one think twice about what fashion really means. We create clothes and accessories to treasure and wear – soft fabrics that embrace the body, canvases that you can wrap around your material form. All garments are proudly designed and produced ethically in Sri Lanka by us and our wonderful team. We hope you love them as much as we do.

Core Values

Open Minded

Our fashion caters to audiences of all sorts, because we remain open to all changes in the industry


Our product and service quality remains to be what we give most of our attention to.


We believe in the inclusion of all individuals, in terms of our customers to our employees or in all manners!