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New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Mint Ceylon is a place where fashion items are no longer disposable, but part of an eternal cycle of inspiration.

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Producing handmade, one of a kind, lovingly upcycled, artisanal and small batch products. Our brand is all about slowing down and living in the moment.





Our Story

At Mint Ceylon we do not create clothing based on trends we create them based on feeling, creating timeless, beautifully made pieces to transcend seasonality and permeate style cued by wonder, mindfulness, travel and a sense of belonging.

Our Responsibility

We drive responsibility in every step from our design board to your doorstep, with our compass always set on ways to reduce fashion’s environmental impact. Together, we are accelerating towards a circular fashion future.

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Creating Responsible Products and Clothing With A Conscience


Zero Waste

We try to maximise the number of products we can produce from each piece of fabric we rescue and whatever is left of that is turned into even smaller products like slippers, headbands, scrunchies etc.

Slow Fashion

Because we use rescued fabrics, every piece has a different design therefore every part of your clothing or product you purchase from us has been individually cut by hand and not mass produced.

Fair Trade

We ensure safe working conditions, fair pay, empower employees, uplift our local communities, and promote a sustainable environment. Because taking care of the planet means supporting the people on it, too.


Instead of adding new product to an immensely saturated fashion industry, we want to aim for a circular economy and make use of the wealth of the resources that already exist.

Local Artisans

Our products made by some of the most hardworking & skilfull women from rural areas in Sri Lanka. Our aim is to provide more jobs to underprivileged communities. Most of these women have unfortunate stories and are the sole breadwinners for their families.

Putting waste back to work. From sourcing to production we are dedicated to addressing fashion waste with a circular system of reuse, repurpose, recycle.

Feeling the Love


Your pieces are so comfy. Moved to Sri Lanka not to long ago and definitely one of my favorite brands, will be getting more.


Hi! I received the mask! Looks amazing and thank you for the scrunchies! Looks super cute and very thoughtful


I received the painters shirt I love it! And the little note inside was really cute! The shirt definitely brightened up my day.


Hi! Lit the candle for the first time and thought I must drop you a message. It smells divine! It’s such a sweet yet balanced fragrance and on top of everything love the fresh peppermint touch. Loving the whole product from the packaging to the unique flame!


Love my new aurora travel touch, it’s light weight, soft and large enough to carry all my bits and bobs in one case. I love the soft cotton fabric shell and tassel detail on the zip, the easy to clean lining is so practical. It was definitely difficult to pick one, there were so many prints to choose from.


The package arrived and I am so so in love! It is perfect and so lovingly packed, and it smells absolutely divine! An absolute full body experience will definitely recommend you and your shop. This absolutely made my day!